During the past couple years many activities and events have taken place at the Secure, Trusted, and Assured Microelectronics (STAM) Center Center. We would like to take a moment and provide a digest to our support community. These are exciting times that offer new opportunities for research, education, collaboration, and outreach in the field of trusted and assured microelectronics.

Our 2023 Newsletter highlights activities and celebrates the center’s members accomplishments over the past couple years. It also provides greater insights into our research capabilities, activities, and technical topic foci [Link].

The interactive version of the newsletter can be accessed here as well [Link].
Thank you for taking the time to read and give us your thoughts!

We appreciate the confidence that all of our students, collaborators, sponsors, and the larger ASU community have placed in us and in our work.

Warm Regards & Happy Holiday Season,

STAM Center Staff