Our Mission

The Secure, Trusted, and Assured Microelectronics (STAM) Center is a research, development, and education unit focusing on establishing the foundation for future secure and trusted semiconductor/microelectronics technologies. 

Message from the Director

Cyber security incidents are happening at an astonishing frequency, scale, and sophistication. These incidents are now a critical concern in a wide range of embedded computing modules, communications systems, and connected devices. Embedded systems are being used in critical applications (medical electronics, automotive systems, power grid systems, military equipment, telecommunication, consumer electronics, robotics, public safety, and avionics), where the consequence of security attacks can be disastrous.

Across our six research laboratories, the STAM Center members are actively investigating new microelectronics security primitives, methodologies, and devices and addressing security threats that result from the evolving landscape of the semiconductor industry, including outsourced fabrication and increased need for hardware IP protection. The center serves as the convergence point to conduct fundamental research in three technical areas meant to establish the foundation for future secure and trusted semiconductor/microelectronics technologies: (1) new substrates, synthesis, and fabrication, (2) new computing paradigms and architectures, and (3) integrated sensing, edge computing, and secure communications.

Our mission includes workforce development to offer students, working professionals, government personnel and the community microelectronics specific education, training, and services that contribute to a highly skilled and competitive workforce to meet the needs of current and future industry and government secure computer systems.

As director, my most important task is to foster an environment of integrity, intellectual openness, collegial interactions, and knowledge exchanges where center’s members and affiliates want to convene to explore emerging technologies and techniques to microelectronics security challenges.

Please stay tuned and be well!

— Dr. Michel A. Kinsy, Director