Secure & Resilient Cyber-Physical Systems (SECPS) Laboratory

Technical Areas: Integrated sensing, edge computing, and secure communications, physically distributed systems.


Current Projects

EDA tool for Designing Secure and Resilient Power Electronics Systems
Researchers at the center are developing and deploying a novel software-hardware digital tool for design and testing of future power electronics enabled renewables integrated into the smart grid. The toolset is among the world’s fastest real-time digital emulator platforms for power electronics systems. The platform consists of a new multicore high-throughput low-latency processor architecture and new hybrid system simulation algorithms.  

The tool mitigates some of the current limitations and bridges the gap between software simulation and real operation conditions, while taking high-power equipment out of the testing environment with minimal loss of fidelity. It helps to drastically reduce accidents during system testing and the risks of discovering an error in the very last stage of in-the-field testing and assembling after fabrication, and wide security and resilience ranges can be examined. 

High-fidelity emulator of variable speed induction motor drive application: (1) Variable speed converter connected to a three-phase induction machine, (2) Inverter, (3) Controller and Real-time emulator.


  • M. A. Kinsy: “Use of Adaptive Hybrid Automaton (AHA) in modeling power systems as distributed cyber-physical systems”, Technical Report v01, 2021.