Semiconductor Security (SemiSec) Laboratory 


Current Projects

eTAVA: Trustworthy and Assurance Validation and Analysis of security ICs

To perform counterfeit chips analysis, to mitigate chip failure in mission-critical applications – defibrillators, pacemakers, and automotive and to assess the impact of counterfeit chips in medical devices and military applications, the team has introduced  eTAVA (Emulation-based Trustworthy and Assurance Validation and Analysis) Tool is a software/hardware co-design platform for FPGA-based acceleration of trustworthy and assurance estimation and validation of IC designs.

eTAVA can be used in two modalities (1) to estimate and optimize the trustworthy and assurance properties of an ASIC design before manufacturing through simulation and analysis, and (2) to perform post-fabrication validation of these properties in a hardware-in-the-loop setting – the hardware here being an FPGA emulated version of the design.